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To install this Solution to MOSS 2007:
  1. Download the WSP and save to your SharePoint server
  2. On the SharePoint server, run the following command to add the WSP to the farm's solution repository: stsadm -o addsolution -filename <path-to-filename>
  3. Browse to your farm's Central Admin site, browse to the Operations, and then to Solution management (under the Global Configuration sub-heading)
  4. Select the solution named spfilterbasedcqwp.wsp, and choose the Deploy Solution option
  5. You may wish to choose to only deploy this solution to an individual Web Application, so as not to install the Feature on your admin web apps - if so, choose an option from the Deploy To? drop-down
  6. Browse to the Root site of your Site Collection, select the Site Actions menu and choose Site Settings
  7. Select Site collection features from the Site Collection Administration sub-heading
  8. Activate the Feature named Filtered Content Query Web Part
  9. You now have a Web Part to add to any page in your site
Note: After deploying the WSP, the jQuery library is deployed to the LAYOUTS folder in the 12 hive, and an icon image for the Site Collection Feature is deployed to the IMAGES folder.

To start using the Filtered Content Query Web Part
  1. Browse to the page you wish to add the Filtered Content Query Web Part to, and Edit the page
  2. Select the Add a Web Part button on the Region you wish to
  3. Tick the checkbox next to Filtered Content Query Web Part, and select the Add button
  4. You now have the Filtered Content Query Web Part on your page

To customise the XSL Template and Common View Fields of your Filtered Content Query Web Part
  1. Edit the page on which the Web Part has been added
  2. Select the Modify Shared Web Part option from the Edit menu of the Web Part
  3. Select the Group By XSL Template or Item XSL Template button under the XSL Definition sub-heading in the Web Part's configuration pane
  4. Modify the XSLT in the textbox that pops up, and select the Done button
  5. If required, add non-standard field names to the Common View Fields textbox in the configuration pane
  6. Select the OK or Apply button on the Web Part's configuration pane

For help on defining the XSLT and Common View Fields of a CQWP, check out Heather Solomon's article on customising a CQWP Item Style - however note that anywhere the aricle tells you to modify the .webpart file, you should be able to instead make the changes in the Web Part's configuration pane (as described above).

Will add further details on how to add a Data Connection and Filter the query results in the near future...

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