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Project Description
This project is an enhanced version of SharePoint's Content Query WebPart. It enables you to send filtered data connection values to the CQWP Filter Fields. It also enables you to edit the Item and Header XSLT, and the CommonViewFields, directly from the Web Part Properties pane

Once deployed, and the Site Collection scoped Filtered Content Query Web Part Feature is Activated, you can add the Filtered Content Query Web Part to your page. Two major components of this customised CQWP include XSL Definition and Data Connection Filtering.

From the Web Part's tool pane, in the XSL Definition section you can specify custom Item XSLT and Group Header XSLT. Under the hood, the web part attempts to create two XSL file in the root web's Style Library/XSL Style Sheets folder. To do this, you need access to create and modify files in this folder. You can also specify the CommonViewFields from the toolpane, meaning there is no need to export a .webpart file and re-import it should you wish to do some customisations to the ItemStyle.xsl file, nor is it necessary to edit the XSLT files in SharePoint Designer.

You can also Send Filter Values To this Web Part, to one of three parameters. Each of the three Filter parameters corresponds with the value of a Filter specified in the CQWP's Query options. For example, if you specify the CQWP's first filter with a Field, operator, and a value - you can then send a Data Connection Filter Value to this filter, to override the value specified.

Limited testing of the WSP has been done on a MOSS 2007 machine with v12.0.0.6421 and Enterprise Features enabled.

The source code is maintained as a Visual Studio 2008 Professional v9.0.30729.1 project, and uses WSP Builder v0.9.9.0728 to build the WSP.

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